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The software version is 4.01(update:2008/12/4), version 5.00(update:2013/3/6), and USB driver version is 2.01(update:2019/3/13).
*Please download the USB driver before installing the software on Windows 8.1/10.
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Individual Download
Size Simultaneous
Manual 372KB Add
Manual (software) For Ver.5.00 1.02MB Remove
Manual (software) For Ver.4.01 793KB Add
Manual (Taiwan) 2.10MB Add
Specification Data (pdf) 67KB Add
Specification Data (dwg) 71KB Add
Specification Sheet 127KB Add
Brochure(English) 1,015KB Add
Brochure(Taiwan) 1,021KB Add
Brochure(German) 901KB Add
Brochure(French) 892KB Add
Software(Ver.5.00) 6.12MB Add
Software(Ver.4.01) 365KB Add
USB driver (*)
For Windows 8.1/10
2.52MB Add

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